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Elimination Tournament in Salzburg


Die Bewerber für die Nomination 1 on 1 TriathlonDie Bewerber für die Nomination 5 on 5 Buhurt mit den tschechischen Schiedsrichtern.


On Sunday, October 14th the first elimination tournament for the Austrian national team took place in the Josef-Preis-Alle gym in Salzburg, hosted by our sister-association, VgVK Salzburg. The first six athletes made their way to the Austrian national team for the Battle of the Nations 2013 under the supervision of three Czech marshals.

The tournament started for the candidates at 1 pm. After a brief welcome of the Czech marshals - Štěpán Hodr, Daniel Dufek and Michal Thrain Kuklathe eight candidates had to pass the general fitness test. First task was 2km running in less than 12 minutes and 30 seconds. All eight candidates easily passed this first hurdle.

The next challenge was to complete the four other exercises. 100 squats, 35 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 10 pull-ups. Under the watchful eyes of the marshals, the eight candidates completed these four exercises without any troubles. Conclusion: fitness test passed.

At 3 pm the public part of the tournament started. At first the The 1 on 1 triathlon nomination was held. Andrej WOLTSCHANSKIY (VgVK Salzburg), Joji ISHIKAWA (VgVK Wien) and Heinrich Stefan WURZIAN (VgVK Wien) applied for this nomination. The fights were held in the following order – long sword, sword and buckler, sword and shield.

In the first fight WURZIAN could prevail against WOLTSCHANSKIY with 2:1. The second fight WURZIAN lost with 0:3 against ISHIKAWA, who also won the last fight with 3:0 against WOLTSCHANSKIY.

BotN Team Austria 2013 High-score for the 1 on 1 triathlon nomination… … Joji ISHIKAWA (49 Points)
2.nd … H.S. WURZIAN (18 Points)
3.rd … Andrej WOLTSCHANSKIY (12 Points)


Die tschechischen Schiedsrichter.


The Tournament was continued after a 30 minutes break. Only six of the eight candidates were ready for the fights, that’s why 2 on 2 tag-teams where drawn. The fights where held with the standard BotN 5 on 5 bohurt rules, with the small difference, that each athlete was rated individually after his performance (points for takedowns, etc.). These teams where the results of the draw…



Team 2 – Andrej WOLTSCHANSKIY and Heinrich Stefan WURZIAN

Team 3 – Martin PRÄGLER and Florian LANGMEYER


3 fights with 7 rounds in total where held. In the end, the results where equal to the sequence of the draw. Team 1 took the first place, team 3 the third.

BotN Team Austria 2013 High-score for the 5 on 5 nomination… … Joji ISHIKAWA (53 Points)

2.nd … Christoph UNTERBUCHSCHACHNER (45 Points)

3.rd … Heinrich Stefan WURZIAN (32 Points) … Martin PRÄGLER (28 Punkte) and Andrej WOLTSCHANSKIY (28 Points) … Florian LANGMEYER (19 Points)





The first six fighters made it to the national team on Sunday, October 14th.  But high-score ranks are not written in stone yet. The athletes have the possibility to gather a lot of point at the next elimination tournaments and dice the high-score with that.

It’s a little bit disapointing for the VgVK Wien, that beside the success of the tournament in Salzburg, we still couldn’t find a sub-koordinator in Styria.  So we had to make the decision to cancle the elimination tournament that was ment to be held in november somewhere in Syria. Besides our other projects and our own elimination tournament (Vienna, march 2013), we don’t have any ressources left to organise another tournament in another district of austria. We appreciate your understanding.

The application deadline for the battle of the Nations Team Austria 2013 ends on December 1st 2012. Further informations according to the participation in the national team you can find here. Please contact us in case of any questions.

We really hope to find many applications for the team 2013, to beat our previouse performance from last year.


Training, training, training!


your BotN team Austria organizers,

Julia, Joji und Heinrich