Verein für gerüsteten Vollkontaktkampf Wien

Seminar "1 on 1 - Triathlon" with Marcin WASZKIELIS (PL)

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on the course of failure

training with Marcin WASZKIELIS (Poland)


It is said, that the nomination „1 on 1 –Triathlon“ is the oldest and most noble discipline in the HMB. Tournaments in this nomination – former known as “1 on 1 – Duel” – are held all over the world. An Athlete competing in the Triathlin can quickly become famous.

But of course this requires not only a high level of physical fitness but also clever and sophisticated techniques. In order to gain both a sportsmen needs to spend a lot of his time. To develop techniques from nothing, it takes extraordinary talent, a lot of experience and an excellent feeling for the sport. Of course, everything is much easier when an athlete has an experienced coach who helps him further in his personal development.

That’s why the Association for armored full contact fighting Vienna (VgVK Wien) decided to invite Marcin WASZKIELIS (sponsored by to hold a weekend seminar in Austria. The Polish fighter enjoys worldwide fame through his countless tournament victories since 2008. Since the Battle of the Nations 2012, he is the vice world champion in the nomination "1 on 1 - Triathlon". He is also one of the few full-contact fighters who can actually live by this sport – a clear evidence that our sport can be done professionally.

For the weekend seminar a gym in the school of Großraming (upper Austria) was organised – thank you to the staff of the Sparkasse Großraming who have supported us at the organisation of the gym. Ten places were offered for the seminar. Three of them were given to the colleagues of the VFKR OÖ-North (KÖBERLE, STOIBER, PFLEGER), one place was reserved for the trainer of the VGVK Salzburg (WOLTSCHANSKIY) and the remaining six places was given to the athletes of the VGVK Wien  (ISHIKAWA, LANGMEYER, PREINING, BENES, WURZIAN, UNTERBUCHSCHACHNER). The main goal was to integrate the new techniques in the weekly training programm of the three sportsclubs.

In the early hours of October Marcin WASZKIELIS arrived in Vienna. After a visit in the Zoo (Schönbrunn), Marcin led the regular training of the VgVK Wien at Thursday evening.

Friday afternoon – after a visit at the military parade on the Heldenplatz and the Royal Hunts and Armor Chamber – it was time to go to upper Austria. The location of the seminar was chosen for several reasons, first and foremost was the team-building factor. A weekend long the ten participants should train together, live together and suffer together. Julia OPPL (Management of the VgVK Wien) took care of the meals for the participants, about which everyone was glad.

The training started on Saturday. Two times a day, three hours each. One session in the morning, one session in the late afternoon. Various techniques have been treated for the Triathlon, starting from the right body hold up to sophisticated hitting and movement combinations. As conclusion of the training session on Saturday evening several rounds of circuit training had to be carried out. This exercise got the name “course of failure”, because it took every single participant to the edge of despair.

As intense the workout ended on Saturday, as intense was further training on the following morning. The weekend seminar ended with a session of armored training, in which the learned skills in the "1 on 1 - Triathlon" were put into practice. Marcin also grabbed out some tricks for the bohurts which were drilled in detail in this unit.

On Sunday, October 2012 at 18:00 o’clock, the seminar was finally over. The participants went with a wealth of new techniques and ideas. The feedback on the seminar was positive throughout. It remains to be hoped that all of them will pass their experiences on to the athletes at their locations and even evolve. At tournaments next year we will see who stretched the greatest yield from the training with Marcin WASZKIELIS.

We remain excited!


Training, training, training!

the VgVK Wien Team