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Seminar "Fighting with Polearms" with Pavel KOMARENKO (UA)

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trust in your guy with the polearm!

training with Pavel KOMARENKO (Ukraine)


Glaives and halberds ... all terrifying and effective weapons - not only on the historic battlefields of Europe, but also in the modern HMB sport of the 21st Century. In the short tactical meetings immediately before battles in the nomination "5 on 5" commands like: "You gonna bind their polearmer! We have to take that one down immediately!", can be heard remarkably often. Well trained "polearmers" are key figures on the battlefield, who have the ability to determine victory or defeat of their team.

The craft of athletes with the polearms looks simple, but it is neither easy to exercise nor to learn. Properties such as accuracy, strength, a sense of good timing and never losing track of the competition make up a good polearmer. To gain more skills in handling these kind of waepons, the Association for armored full contact fighting Vienna (VgVK Wien) invited one of the best and most experienced polearm fighters for a weekend seminar to Austria. We are talking about Pavel KOMARENKO from Ukraine called "the TAXI".

Same as for the previous seminar, the gym in the school of Großraming (upper Austria) was organised as training location. Six athletes from the three mayor austrian HMB clubs participated in the seminar to subsequently adapt the techniques and practices for the weekly trainings of their clubs. Four athletes from the VgVK Wien participating in the seminar (WURZIAN, PRÄGLER, UNTERBUCHSCHACHNER, PREINING), the VgVK Salzburg (WOLTSCHANSKIY) and VfKR OÖ-Nord (STOIBER) were each represented by their chairmen.

At 11:00 o'clock on Saturday, February 16th, the first of the four training sessions of the seminar began. After a short introduction of the participants and a few words on the physics of polearms, the existing variations were inspected and evaluated separately by Pavel. It was followed by several basic principles in the handling of such weapons, from body position to correct positioning of the hands on the pole. Then it went off with the practical part of the unit. The transfer of power from the legs and the hip to blows with polearms was the main topic.

At 16:00 o'clock after the lunch break the second unit of the day started with a brief review of the previous exercise. A deepening of the striking techniques was followed by theoretical information about the nature of helmets and in which zones blows with polearms are particularly effective. Following this frontal kicks for stopping an attacking opponent were teached and put into practice in various exercises. From simple movements to combinations of kicks and punches in different variations.

An especially interesting exercise of this unit represented a obstacle course that had to be mastered in reverse. The aim of this course was to learn to deal with fallen teammates or opponents during battle. Few things are more frustrating for an HMB athlete than to stumble across a fallen comrade and take himself out of the game. The end of the second practice session was a cross-fits circle which is a typical exercise in Pavels ukrainian HMB club. 5 pull ups, 15 burpies, 400 meters running - 5 rounds each. Best time: 12:58.

In the third exercise of the seminar, chronologically ordered on Sunday morning, after a repetition of selected exercises of the day before a variety of throwing techniques and Infight maneuvers were treated. Pavel demonstrated the participants especially techniques that he could already use successfully in many battles. To make the unit also sufficiently exhausting another cross-fits circles was drilled. 5 pull ups, 10 burpies, 15 squats - 5 rounds each. Best time: 07:03.

In the last unit of the seminar on Sunday afternoon all previous exercises were repeated and drilled in armor. From simple blows and kicks down to the various wrestling techniques. Then there was a tactical game - two athletes stuck in Infight had to locate her opponent in a favorable position for their polearmer. To make the exercise more difficult various barriers ​​and obstacles were placed on the field.

The participants spent the breaks between the training sessions together and used the time to talk to Pavel KOMARENKO or ask him about his personal experiences from all the battles he had fought. There was chatting, joking, and despite the strenuous exercise there was a relaxed atmosphere in the round. Just as last seminar Julia OPPL (manager of  the VgVK Wien) took care of balanced meals for the participants before and after the different training sessions.

For Austrian HMB athletes the seminar with Pavel KOMARENKO threw a whole new light on the matter "polearms". Much misconception has been eradicated and vague assumptions had been identified as facts. More than ever is clear that a "polearmer" who mastered his craft is a valuable position within the team, whose operational capability in the nomination "5 on 5" shall not be underestimated. Of course a lot of goal-oriented training is necessary to be able to deal in accordance with these kind of weapons. We remain curious about which austrian HMB athlete will accept the challenge and take on the position of the guy with the polearm in his team in the upcoming competitions!

Training, training, training!

the VgVK Wien Team